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Map Shop and Price List

Maps produced by General Directorate of Mapping (GDM) differ in classification. Some of them are unclassified whereas others are restricted.

Only unclassified products are releasable to individuals. Topomaps at scales 1/25 K,1/50 K and 1/100 K are restricted, released solely to governmental agencies. All products excluding these maps are unclassified and open to public.

A small portion of unclassified maps (Thematic) are readily available from GDM . You are free to visit GDM Map Shop and buy in cash any product available at the time of your request. 

The remaining part of the unclassified maps on sale are prepared/customized on demand. This may take time to tailor the product requested.
To see the list and price of all unclassified products, please click here


This License Agreement is for the use of the products purchased from General Directorate of Mapping/TURKEY (GDM). Acceptance of the product stands for acceptance of this License Agreement. This License allows unlimited use of the GDM products by the Licensee for in-house applications and no rights are extended to the outside users.

You are not permitted to make copies of the products for resale, lease or rent to any third party, or to develop any derivative data for commercial sale and/or distribution that incorporates wholly or in part any of the products without the written consent of the GDM. Use by and distribution to third parties requires written notification to GDM thirty (30) days prior to the proposed outside use of the products. The license will come into effect on the date of receipt of the GDM product.

You may copy GDM paper maps solely for your own internal use and for display purposes.

Your license is non-exclusive and non-transferable, and you have no right to sub-license any of the rights granted by this license.

This license shall be governed by Turkish law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Turkish courts.


1. A small portion of unclassified maps (Thematic) can be bought instantly in cash. You are free to visit GDM Map Shop and buy in cash any product available at the time of your request. 


2. In case your visit to GDM is not possible, the following remarks that will apply to your requests must be read carefully.

3. Before making/sending your request, you are kindly asked to check our web site (http://www.harita.gov.tr) with a view to pinpointing the unclassified products you wish to buy. You can contact GDM to make sure your selection is proper/the products you wish to buy are available at the time of your request.

4. The request must be clear enough to help us understand the product that you can choose from our product list. The maps at scales/levels 1/25.000, 1/50.000, 1/100.000 are all restricted and are not releasable to individuals. So requests for these maps will not be taken into consideration.

5. You can contact GDM via mail/email/fax, should a need arise.

6. Your application must be sent to the contact address given below.

7. GDM will review your request in terms of availability, restrictions that might arise at the time of your request.

8. You will receive a reply to your request including a guide as to how you will proceed (price for each item, total price, availability, the bank account number, shipment).

9. If accepted by you, the total price must be deposited to the bank account number given below.

10. Due to the existing regulations, GDM is unfortunately not in a position to send you the material you requested via post. So, it is kindly requested that you assign an international cargo company, most of which are also available in Ankara, that will act on behalf of you. This company must contact GDM and come to get the material sold together with the original bank receipt (the document that proves the money is deposited, so you must pass this receipt to the cargo company). When the receipt is taken by GDM, the material will be delivered to the Cargo Company at GDM.

P.S.: Prices are in Turkish currency (TL).


Account Number: 330 104 000-6
Bank :T.C.Merkez Bankası (Central Bank Of Turkish Rep.)
Branch :Ankara
Receiver :Basbakanlık Hazine Müsteşarlığı İç Ödemeler Muhasebe Birimi
Receipt Note :"Harita Bedeli Olarak"
IBAN :TR580000100100000330104000, BIC:TCMBTR2A


Phone : +90 312 595 23 20, 27 50, 27 51 
Fax : +90 312 320 14 95, +90 312 319 31 59 
Email : harita.ikmali@harita.gov.tr 


General Directorate of Mapping
Harita Genel Müdürlüğü
Lojistik Şubesi Müdürlüğü
06100 Dikimevi - Ankara TURKEY 



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