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Turkish National Permanent RTK Network (CORS-TR/TUSAGA-Aktif)

CORS-TR is a R&D project that is supported by The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). In the context of the aforementioned project, 146 homogenously distributed permanent GPS stations (including the 4 stations in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) had been established. Corrections for differential GPS (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) applications are estimated at the control centers both in GDM and General Directorate of Land Register and Cadastre (TKGM) and transmitted to the users. In addition, determination of the accurate and precise datum transformation parameters between WGS-84 and ED-50 systems for whole Turkey and achievement of the geodetic applications easily had been aimed. 

Data collected at the permanent stations are transmitted to the control centers by way of ADSL and GPRS/EDGE. Estimated RTK corrections are in the RTCM3.1 and CMR transmission formats and sent to the users via GPRS and NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM through Internet Protocol). Security issues, ground structure and the availability of electricity, internet and land line infrastructure had been considered when the locations of the stations were chosen. The locations of the stations are given in Figure-1. To see station locations on Digital Map click: https://www.harita.gov.tr/sunum/ Maintenance operations are carried out by CORS-TR Executive Committee which consists of the members of GDM and TKGM.

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Figure-1: CORS-TR Stations

In addition to the RTK applications, collected observations are analyzed together with the International GNSS Service (IGS) data and precise coordinates and velocities are estimated. Horizontal velocities in ITRF are given in Figure 2 


Figure 2: CORS-TR Station Velocities (ITRF)


Contribution to EPN Velocity Field Densification Network

EPN Densification WG provides a unique control option for the national network operators to crosscheck their ITRFyy/ETRS89 coordinates, not only at the EPN sites but for all stations for which solutions have been submitted to EUREF. The estimated station velocities will be the basis for the generation of a continental velocity model. This velocity model is especially relevant in countries, where the ETRS89 coordinates, due to tectonic activity, change with more than 3-5 mm/year. As General Directorate of Mapping (GDM) is the national mapping agency of Turkey, EUREF asked GDM to contribute to above mentioned velocity field project with sinex files of CORS-TR stations. GDM supplied 6 years (2009-2015) of weekly SINEX files of 41 stations to EUREF in 2017.



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