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Mission and Vision




To become a leader institution in the area of producing map and geospatial information and training staff in the national and international scope, appropriate for the conditions of 21st century.




General Directorate of Mapping meets the geospatial needs of Turkish Armed Forces for defence and security purposes and of other governmental organizations, juristic personalities and private sector for development purposes completely, accurately, timely and economically.

Charts produced by the “Department of Mapping” (former name of the General Directorate of Mapping) have played an important role for the victory in the War of Independence as expressed by ATATÜRK, the Great Leader and Founder of Republic of Turkey: “The charts produced by the Department of Mapping in the last one year contributed to the last victory significantly. Our Armed Forces won this victory thanks to those charts.”

From that day to this; increasing use of maps and geospatial information in management, development, engineering and infrastructure services turned our job into an integral part of the social life. For this reason our institution has undertook important responsibilities in social and technical areas besides its defence oriented historical responsibilities.

These social and technical responsibilities build the mission of General Directorate of Mapping.



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