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Turkish National Permanent GNSS Network (TNPGN)

The Turkish National Permanent GNSS Network (TNPGN) consists of 22 permanent GNSS stations that collect static GNSS observations on a 365 day-24 hour basis for geodetic and geodynamic purposes. In this network, ANKR (Ankara) station continues to send its hourly and daily data to International GNSS Service (IGS) and European Permanent Network (EPN) while no real-time data streaming at the moment. 

Time-series analysis of TNPGN stations are performed on a daily basis at General Directorate of Mapping. Furthermore, TNPGN stations are going to be utilized as geodetic control and for monitoring the crustal movements in geodynamical activities within their continuous data collection and analyses cycle. Stations are also contributing to regional ionosphere modeling and GNSS meteorology studies. 

New IGS Sites from Turkey:

General Directorate of Mapping applied to IGS to open more stations from Turkey. 3 CORS-TR stations were chosen by IGS to be a member of the IGS network. This was announced to the community via IGSMAIL-7518 (https://lists.igs.org/pipermail/igsmail/2017/001353.html). MERS station has a multi-GNSS receiver while IZMI and KRS1 stations have GPS+GLO receivers. New multi-GNSS receivers are purchased for IZMI and KRS1 and they will be installed within this year. By more IGS stations from Turkey, GDM will have the chance that these sites will be included in the next ITRF solutions and this means to have more stations nearby for datum definition in GNSS processing.

For IGS network: http://www.igs.org/network

Figure: TNPGN Stations




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