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General Directorate of Mapping (GDM), is by law the National Mapping Agency of Turkey, provides geospatial data of various levels of detail, types, and scales, which form the basis of today's geospatial data infrastructure – an indispensable national asset for sustainable development of the country and many other applications. GDM is responsible for the official topographical mapping of the country in hard-copy and digital forms for;

uses. It produces and provides geographic information for defence and development purposes. In doing this, it

As one of the steps in map production, GDM is proud to have a remarkable experience on aerial coverage, with a qualified team of experts and two B200 Beechcrafts.



Upon request, GDM has the capacity for aerial coverage of any country (international venture) and is open to any proposal from international bodies in need of any aerial coverage.

Financial, legal and administrative details are to be determined on a case by case basis.



For detailed information about the activities carried out by GDM, please refer to Projects or National Report_EuroGeographics (pdf) or National Report_ICA (pdf) For any question or information in any issue related to our organization, please contact us.



To contribute to the international cooperation and collaboration, to catch up with the latest technological developments and benefit from international expertise and provide the staff with fast and updated information. GDM, as the NMA for Turkey, works closely with international organizations and national mapping agencies apart from its active participation in geographic events in NATO.


Relations with NATO

Geographic activities in NATO have been carried out in accordance with the decisions taken by "NATO Geographic Board (NGC)" and “NATO Standardization Office (NSA)” in the light and guidance of NATO Geographic Policy (NGP). GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF MAPPING participates in the following meetings regularly.

Relations with International Organizations

GDM represents Turkey in general assemblies, working groups, commissions and committees of the following organizations;

Additionally, GDM has been collaborating with the following organizations for scientific research projects;


Hava Fotoğrafı Arşiv Bilgi Sistemi uygulaması kullanımdan kaldırılmıştır. Hava Fotoğrafı Arşiv Bilgi Sistemi ile yapılan sorgulamalar, DGM-Geoportal uygulaması üzerinden yapılabilecektir. DGM-Geoportal uygulamasına ulaşmak için lütfen tıklayınız

DGM-Geoportal içerisinde; Detaylı Arama / Hava Fotoğrafı seçimlerinden sonra tarih bölümüne istediğiniz tarihleri girerek sorgulama yapabilirsiniz. Arzu ederseniz Konumsal Filtre Ekleme bölümünü ve/veya Yer Örnekleme Aralığı (örneğin, Küçüktür 0.7) bilgisini kullanarak seçiminizi daraltabilirsiniz. Fotoğraflara ait küçük öngörüntü resimleri (thumbnail) en kısa zamanda DGM-Geoportala yüklenecektir.